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ReputationAuthority At Work
Unwanted Email & Web Traffic
The amount of unwanted email and web traffic (e.g. spam, viruses, malware, etc.)
Rejected At Perimeter
The percentage of threats rejected at the perimeter by the WatchGuard ReputationAuthority
Suspect Traffic Analysis
The ReputationAuthority IP behavior analysis and content inspection of suspect email and Web traffic
Top Offending IP Address
The top 10 list of the worst behaved addresses reported by the ReputationAuthority and global DNS Block Lists. These addresses send out very large amounts of spam and virus-infected messages and have been given a poor reputation by ReputationAuthority and are also listed on DNS Block Lists.
  IP Address Country
1 France
2 France
3 United States
4 Netherlands
5 Poland
6 United States
7 China
8 Australia
9 United States
10 United States
Phishing By Top Level Domains
Refers to highest offending top level domain locations - for every 10,000 domains registered in the Top Level Domain location (i.e. country), "x" number have been detected as phishing domains.
  LTD Location Phishing / 10,000
1 hk Hong Kong 112.9  
2 th Thailand 53.8  
3 li Liechtenstein 44.1  
4 ro Romania 13.0  
5 cl Chile 11.4  
6 bz Belize 11.3  
7 tw Taiwan 10.6  
8 it Lithuania 10.1  
9 ee Estonia 9.4  
10 cz Czech Repub 8.9  
Top Virus Threats
The top 10 list of the addresses that have sent the most virus-infected email messages.
  IP Address Country
1 United States
2 United States
3 Viet Nam
4 Singapore
5 Argentina
6 United Kingdom
7 United States
8 Chile
9 South Africa
10 Russian Federation